Our 11-year-old dyslexic son has been receiving Barton tutoring through Burke Transformation Academy for five months. He does a combination of online and in-person tutoring 3-4 times per week. Pennie relates to the challenges and struggles of dyslexia since she has dyslexic kids. She is patient and encouraging while trying to help our son maintain a good attitude during frustration. Pennie truly cares about our son’s success and wants to make sure he learns and achieves. She utilizes tutoring time well to achieve maximum learning. As parents, we are continually informed of his progress and strengths/weaknesses. We are pleased with our investment in Pennie for our son’s learning.

Kim and Brian        5-28-21

 “When My niece Leah came to live with us, she was entering 6th grade and hated school. She struggled with speech issues, reading and writing. Her old school would put her in small groups to take her tests, but they never cared to find out why she struggled. Our suspicions were confirmed when we had her tested for Dyslexia. It was so nice to have answers finally. We immediately jumped into Foundations with Pennie and are now finishing up Level 5 of Barton. It was the best decision, and the changes have been profound. This picture shows a completely different kid than last year, and I’m forever thankful for this program!” 

Allison Johnson   10-28-21

We are so happy that we found Pennie Burke when we needed her the most for two of our children. Our son, who has been diagnosed with Dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, and ADD, had been struggling with school for a few years. Our daughter hadn’t been diagnosed, but we noticed she struggled a lot with reading. In 2020 Covid hit, and all kids were sent home to learn online. Our son had been progressing in school but lost it during the Covid quarantine from school. I found Mrs. Pennie on a Facebook dyslexia page and contacted her. She has been a blessing to our son, and her children have helped our daughter with her learning. Both my children struggled with reading and were two levels below their reading level for school, but now both are at level or just above. The program Mrs. Pennie teaches is life-changing, and I have seen the difference it has made in my children's learning. I can not recommend her enough to other parents or children who are struggling with dyslexia or even just reading. I know my child will never outgrow Dyslexia, but so thankful for this program that will help my children be able to navigate through life. 

Megan and David     2-15-2022

I hope you are having an amazing summer. Just wanted to share some good news about Carly. We just got her acceptance letters from 2 colleges this week. She's so happy. Thank you for being an encouraging person in her life. Her college essay was on her dyslexia. She still had more colleges on her list to apply to, but is so happy to know that she'll have some options and will not have to settle.

Amy A. 7-15-2022